About Us
SHL was founded in 1987 by Wafic Saïd. He left an early career in banking to follow his entrepreneurial instincts and established and grew an exceptionally successful project development and construction management business in Saudi Arabia.

As well as being entrepreneurial, Wafic Saïd also nurtured a longer term perspective which found expression in SHL. The company was based on a decade’s investment experience and formalised his instinct to invest for the long term and protect and build wealth. SHL became the primary focus of Wafic Saïd’s business vision and energy and, 25 years on, its returns have exceeded the hopes and expectations even of its founder.

During that time, SHL has been guided and controlled by a Board of Directors whose expertise, experience and independence is self-evident. Through the Board, the company has executed a rigorous and disciplined approach to its investments while retaining an essential fleet footedness. Always, though, the vision has been on the long-term.

SHL’s core values are – integrity, rigour, imagination, commitment, the pursuit of excellence, discretion. SHL also recognises the obligation that business has to the wider world. For this reason, the company and its founder have been regular contributors to philanthropic projects over the past quarter of a century.

Wafic Saïd’s commitment to building for the future runs through all aspects of his life and can be seen particularly in his philanthropy. See his website for more information (www.waficsaid.com).

Investment Philosophy
SHL’s objective is to preserve and grow its capital.

It pursues its objective through:

  • Sophisticated asset allocation. Drawing on its institutional learning and on the guidance of its Board and advisers, SHL chooses asset classes in which to invest that enable it, through diversification by geography, sector and type, to maximise its returns with less volatility.
  • Rigorous selection of managers, funds and advisers. Using its network of relationships and advisers, SHL selects partners with the strongest track records in their given asset class and then gives them financial incentives and risk constraints that align them, as far as possible, with SHL.
  • State-of-the-art performance monitoring and measurement. SHL stringently monitors the performance of its asset allocation and amends it in the light of experience and of new trends. It also uses sophisticated measurement of its managers’ performance as a basis for the informed long-term development of its manager relationships.
  • A long-term approach. Stable capital enables SHL to hold to a long-term perspective, giving it the resilience and resolve to weather market shocks without having to follow the crowd. This gives it a critical advantage over many other institutional investors in generating sustained returns which have been well above average, especially in difficult times.
  • Agility. SHL has the flexibility and temperament to grasp new opportunities presented by evolving global trends at an early stage.